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cedar lake
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Located in Lake County, Cedar Lake is the 4th largest natural lake in the State of Indiana at 784 acres. The lake is 2.1 miles long and .09 at its widest point. Fishing there has been popular since the time of the Potawatomie Indians who used the area as part of their food trail in the early 1800’s. Whether fishing from the shoreline or from a boat, Cedar Lake offers a wealth of opportunities for the eager amateur or the seasoned angler. Pan fish like crappie and bluegill, in addition to perch, catfish, small mouth bass, large-mouth bass, and walleye can be found in the lake. Wipers, a hybrid which is a cross between a striped bass and a white bass have been stocked in the lake by the Department of Natural Resources for several years and have reached double digit weight numbers. The state will stock the lake with wipers in June of 2018.

Shore fishing for the public is available at the Cedar Lake Chamber of Commerce Welcome Center lakefront, 7925 Lake Shore Drive and the adjacent State of Indiana Public Access site 24 hours a day. The site is well lit to accommodate night fisherman and boaters. Two other parks on the lake offer shore fishing: Bartlett-Wahlberg Park on Lake Shore Drive and the Town Complex Grounds lakefront at 7408 Constitution Avenue.

Free State of Indiana Fishing Guides and Indiana Boating Laws are available in the Welcome Center office.

Bait Recommendations

  • Crappie – Small Jigs or Minnows

  • Bluegill – Bee Moths, Small Jigs, Crickets

  • Catfish – Night Crawlers, Chicken Livers

  • Perch – Red Worms, Leaf Worms

  • Wipers – Lures, Golden Roaches, Minnows

  • Bass – Night Crawlers, Minnows, Lures

  • Walleye – Large Jigs

  • Northern Pike – Lures, Spoons, Minnows

Bait & Fishing Supplies

Casey’s General Store
10405 W. 133rd Avenue
Phone: (219) 374-5812

Cedar Lake True Value Hardware
9708 Lincoln Plaza
Phone: (219) 374-9711

Lake Shore True Value Hardware
7120 W. 133rd Avenue
Phone: (219) 374-5981

Luke’s #241
7101 W. 133rd Avenue
Phone: (219) 390-7721

Sportsman’s Den
9905 W. 133rd Avenue
Phone: (219) 374-6990

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